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'고백'  -  김동률 

(동행, 2014)



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"Breakfast Club is a luxury delivery service located in Dubai that brings breakfast straight to your front door with the impression of receiving a much desired package by post, complete with postcards, stamps and stickers attractively sealed with patterned tape.

Our branding proposal for Breakfast Club takes inspiration from traditional postal imagery and elements, such as stamps, seals and stickers over Kraft paper, the traditional postage packaging material. Even so, Breakfast Club is a brand that preserves simplicity and cleanliness in its vintage style. The main brand icon is based in the sound of birds singing in the morning, making it the secondary concept, along with a color palette inspired in bright sunshine and the blue morning sky.”

Anagrama is an international branding, architecture and software development firm with offices in Monterrey and Mexico City. Their clients include companies from varied industries in countries all around the world. They create the perfect balance between a design boutique and a business consultancy, from focusing on the development of creative pieces with the upmost attention to details, to providing perfect solutions based on the analysis of tangible data. 

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Victoria Semykina, Gorky


Victoria Semykina, Gorky



김동률 - 내 사람

세상 사람들 나를 다 몰라줄 때
한 사람은 내 옆에 있다는
날 너그럽게 만들고 더욱 착해지게 만드는
한 번이라도 더 보고 웃고 싶은,
더 안고 싶은 넌 내 사람